As a lifelong bow hunter, I started bow hunting at age 13, I grew up hunting in the mountains of the Northwest, where the terrain is steep, thick and the hunting pressure is high. My type of hunting has always been 'still hunting' the dense forests where shot opportunities came at a moment’s notice, requiring the hunter to take his shot within seconds before his target disappeared. Carrying your weapon on your pack while navigating this type of terrain was helpful but not being able to access it quickly was not. After 25 years of trying to use 'bow slings' and other devices,
I decided there had to be a better way. I set out to design a universal carrying system and spend literally hundreds of hours in my garage and in the field both designing and perfecting what is now called the BOWSNATCHER. I believe this concept will revolutionize the way sportsman carry not only bows but rifles and other equipment.

 - Wade Hamlin


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